Fremantle International is an international consultancy for project risk management, security risk management and safety risk assessment organization. Our experienced team of security consultants provide high quality security risk management and safety risk management audits. Our range of services includes, security audits, safety audits, Crisis Management and hostile environment training.

With our dedicated team of security consultants and safety compliance personnel, Fremantle will provide solutions to all your security risk management issues. As a leader in the industry, we will provide the best consultancy services to all our clients no matter where they are located.
Fremantle international is also dirctly  afficalited with
Tacforce International

Crisis Management:
Fremantle International can offer your company our Crisis Management service. For a yearly retainer fee, Fremantle International will provide an on-call security advisor for Africa and the Middle East. Should there be a general or specific threat to your assets in any country throughout the region, Fremantle will utilize its political and military contacts throughout the region, advanced intelligence services and security specialists to advise during the crisis. If necessary, Fremantle will deploy its experts in security, hostage negotiation and conflict resolution to help your company resolve any situation, or in the event of a major disturbance and the situation has deteriorated to an unsafe level, we will assist in the evacuation of your employees.
Quality Auditing Services

Fremantle International supplies a range of quality auditing services, specializing in safety and security audits. We also promote safety and security compliance solutions. Fremantle is capable of providing onsite audit training to suit your individual requirements. Fremantle International is the industry leader in high quality auditing services in remote site and or hostile environments.
Corporate Investigations
Fremantle International has the available resources to ensure that professional, independent, and comprehensive investigations can be undertaken on behalf of clients across the globe. Corporate investigations include – financial examinations, due diligence checks, workplace monitoring, and analysis work. All relevant findings from investigative activity is duly reported upon which protects clients' reputations and provides invaluable information and appropriate recommendations for critical decisions to be made.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Inspection
Fremantle International performs on-site inspections of corporations’ occupational health and safety environments and policies. These OHS evaluations contribute to the efforts of management, administration, and employees to foster and promote a culture of safety in the workplace.

Fremantle International’s specialized teams are comprised of dedicated professionals in their area of expertise, who can work effectively and independently in demanding and hostile environments to achieve positive outcomes.

Civil Unrest in the Arab World 2011/14

Fremantle International has recently dispatched senior security advisors to Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Syria in support of our clients during the civil demonstrations that have gripped those countries. This involved evacuation of clients and continued protection of local employees and assets.
Fremantle key offerings are:
> Security Risk Assessments
> Security Audits
> Security Advisory Services
> Security Management and systems implementation
> Crisis Management
> Threat Risk Analysis
> Intelligence gathering
> Hostile environment training services.
> Project Management
> Independant Project Oversight

Related tasks:

>Asset Protection
> Close Personal Protection
> Corporate Travel Security
> Life support
> Convoy Operations
> Logistic Support
> Air logistic Support
Fremantle International has the capacity to perform an independent and objective audit advisory service designed to add value and improve clients’ operations by ensuring a systematic and disciplined approach to assessing and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes. Services include – compliance monitoring, procedural evaluations, quality assurance assessments, fraud and investigative audits.
Corporate Data Protection (Sensitive)
Fremantle International has the ability to provide corporate data protection measures to safeguard assets, including an information security protection strategy, vulnerability reviews, computer forensic examinations, counter measure sweeps, and data mining.